Weston Leake blog – June 2

Weston Leake – June 2nd
–Today we woke up on the overnight train from Shanghai to Beijing. As we all headed to breakfast at 7:30 for our daily devotional and breakfast when we quickly saw that this would not be happening as the dining car was already occupied by other members from the train, who decided to sleep there. We decided that we would postpone our devotional and breakfast till later in the day.
When we arrived in Beijing it was 9:15 in the morning where we were greeted by Dr. Usrey’s old friend Michael who had the Chinese McDonald’s version of a breakfast sandwich, hash browns, and Cokes. As we stood outside of the train station we proudly enjoyed our McDonald’s breakfast which was apparently fulfilling the American stereotype.
Shortly after we boarded a bus that would take us to the village outside of Bejing where we would be spending the day. We arrived at Beiyue Temple which is located in Quyang County and is used by the emperor to make a sacrifice on behalf of all of the people of China once per year to one of the five mountain gods. Next, we visited a porcelain shop in the local area that is known for its historic, several hundred years, quality artwork and crafting. Our next stop was Qian Ren Sculpture Engineering where we toured their gallery of look at marble statues and other sculptures, again well-known over centuries in China.  The prices on large marble statues, was very competitive (about $1000 for multiple colored marble statues over six feet tall).  Joe Maroney is tasked with helping to fine export markets for this company.
To finish the day we headed to our hotel in Beijing and grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby noodle restraunt.
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