Ben Lindgren’s post – 5/29

5/29 Day 10

– We lost Nick on Day 8 and he still hasn’t shown up at a restaurant, refusing to leave having found his own type of heaven. Here’s hoping he’s only stranded in Guangzhou surviving off rice and noodles and not in prison. We started off the day bright and early waking up at 5:00 am for our first activity. We headed on a 3-hour bus ride to Hangzhou to do a tour of a newspaper company. Charles is the editorial editor and was a former student of Dr. Usrey. We got a tour of the building and a chance to ask the editor-in-chief questions about newspapers in China and the future of the business. After the tour, the editor and chief honored us with a banquet at a local restaurant. Following lunch we headed to West Lake, which is the largest natural and most popular lake in China, next to the old capital of China, to take some pictures. This area is also known as “Heaven on Earth” – very beautiful.

Next, we hopped back on the bus for a 2.5 hour bus ride to Suzhou. We had a very interesting tour of a silk factory. We got to touch the silk worms and experience how the silk products were made, followed by shopping for fine silk products. I lost track of time and the girls had to drag me out of there after I snagged some great deals. Who knew shopping could be so much fun! For dinner we went to another nice restaurant where we got to try some exotic foods. We ended the day with a 2-hour bus ride home through heavy Shanghai traffic, but got to see huge buildings lit up at night. Overall, besides seeing our lives flash before our lives about 10 times, thanks to our skilled NASCAR driver who pulled off numerous U-turns in a giant bus in the middle of a busy street, it was a busy, informational day with lots of learning.

P.S. Nick is alive and well, back with us.  I was just kidding…

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  1. Clayton Lindgren

    Ben…we are finally getting into the blogs from your trip. I like your sense of humor! Sounds like an amazing experience. We will be eager to hear more when you return.
    Prayers…Grandpa and Grandma L


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