Day 6 – Brianna Rolan

Brianna Rolan –

The day started bright and early for the students of CCU, but as we awoke into this new city of Guangzhou. Even though our days were mixed up, we managed to remember that it was Sunday and were heading to church with the local contact. The service we happened to be going to was given in English, but attended by both Chinese Christians and Westerners (which is very unusual in China for those groups to worship together). The service began with the elder members giving an update on the local giving of the church members to another church in Africa that had recently lost their entire building. It was amazing to see a group of people, who by American standards have very little. However, these people believed that God had still given them more than was needed for their own comfort. The pastor then gave the sermon on “Business Is a Mission”. What a perfect sermon for all of us students here in China for the very purpose of understanding global business.
After church, we went to lunch with the congregation, to a place known as ‘The Fountains’. We ate such an amazing lunch, played games, and spent time as a community of Christ. The church body within China is refreshing in spending time with these friendly people. At one point, I was between a woman from Mexico and a Chinese woman trying to bridge the gap, but still carrying on a conversation. From The Fountains, we spent some time shopping and talking with students from the International University at Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies. We finished off the night with a ride on the ferry the Pearl River to see the city lights. It was beautiful, but it quickly made us realize how bad the air quality really was within this city. As the famous tower just a mile ahead was barely visible even with the lights. Even with the air conditions, China is turning into more and more of an adventure as we move forward.

Thank you – Brianna Rolan

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